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Problem with sound effect



File Version / Emulator Type  :2014 files french / freebsd

Domain (Database, Client, Core ...) :

Your level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced ..) :beginner


Description of the problem :I am trying to replace the sound effect of warrior's hit (without weapon) with one that i prefer, but with no success.

How to reproduce the problem? :

Searches and tests carried out :

  1. I unpacked the "sound.eix" with EterNexus.
  2. I copied the file "attack_1.wav" located in "Client2014/pack/sound/sound/monster/bear" in "desktop".
  3. I renamed this file from "attack_1.wav" to "bear.wav".
  4. I cut "bear.wav" and paste it in "Client2014/pack/sound/sound/common/swing".
  5. I changed the code line "SoundData00       0.330000 "sound/common/swing/hand_1.wav" to "SoundData00       0.330000 "sound/common/swing/bear.wav" of the "attack.mss" and "attack_1.mss" files located in "Client2014/pack/Sound/sound/pc/warrior/general".
  6. I repacked "sound" folder and replace the "sound.eix" and "sound.epk".
  7. I opened "metin2client.exe" and my warrior's hits are just like before.


Worth to mention that, after the changes i've done, the ingame's "sounds effects" in "system options" has been turned off for some reason.

Also i faced no problem changing the sound effect of the bear's hit.


Why i see no change in sound effect of warrior's hit ?? Am i doing something wrong ??


Screenshot of the problem concerned :


By submitting my request for help, I affirm that I have read and accepted the Funky-Emulation Regulations .

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In the client, in the "pack" folder you have different patch files. Such as "metin2_x.***". In these patch, it's really frequent to find dupes of existing content that basically override the already existing content.

So you might have to extract those patchs to see if a pack contains the "attack.mss" and "attack_1.mss" you want to edit.

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