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(English) How to implant a quest


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Hello everybody

French version Implanter une quête
Here is a new tutorial about:  How implanting a quest


I) Where to put my quest?

Open WinSCP and follow this  :

  • For 2011+ files : cd /usr/metin2/share/locale/[france]/quest
  • For 2010-  files : cd /usr/rain/channel/share_data/locale/hongkong/quest


II) How to transfer a quest

Take your quest and drag it into the root of the file 



III) Edition of the file : locale_list

You should edit a file named :”locale_list” (when the transfer of the quest is make).
For that, open your file and come to the last line:
Below of the last  quest add the name of your quest  without forgetting  “.quest” below of the last  quest


Do not forget the empty space after that.


IV) How to reload quest

Connect to your server via Putty or Virtual Pc and type :
For 2011 +  files  

cd /usr/metin2


It will reload all the quests, if you want to reload only one quest come  in /usr/metin2/share/locale/[fance]/quest.

Then type : /.qc _Name_Of_The_Quest
For 2011 – files

cd /usr/rain/channel/share_data/locale/hongkong/quest
sh make


V) In game

When you are in game, you just have to type this with your GM player

/reload q

In deed, it allows to the game to take into account  the quest.


Translated by me

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